Members of BD FLORA can communicate with one another about the trees, shrubs, and plants that grow nearby and throughout Bangladesh by submitting images, details, and other content.

Posting questions, observations, comments, and other content is welcome on Bangladesh Flora. Please follow these criteria while posting:

Brief Posting Guidelines

1.   + Add Listing Button for identification requests or confirmations, each listing containing a single plant species and at least three images taken from various angles. Please select the IDENTIFICATION HELP category during add plant details to listing.

2.   For requests for or confirmations of identification, kindly adhere to the prescribed procedure. If at all feasible, try to offer the information yourself, or from sources like the BD FLORA website, citing the relevant links, etc.

3.   There are no format or number restrictions on entries that list identified plants.

4.  The ID-requested plant images must include at least the datelocation, habit, and habitat.

5.  Posting images as attachments is recommended. The maximum size for all attachments to be posted at once is 1 megabyte.

6.  Different plants, flowers, and other items should be listed separately. All members are requested to reply at “Write a Review”

7.  Any member of the BD FLORA may leave the group at any time or refrain from sharing any copyrighted images, materials, observations, etc. with the group if they do not want their posts to be included on the BD FLORA website. Even if a member leaves the group or is banned from it for any reason, once they have written something, it cannot be taken back, deleted, or removed from the website.

Detailed Posting Guidelines

Only three posts every day—one plant per letter, ideally three or more—with varied angles and close-ups, and only for identification inquiries and confirmations are permitted. Members that post images for ID should make sure that all images are of the same species. Information on the date, location, habit, and habitat must be provided. It will be appreciated if members provide any additional information in the format provided below. If at all feasible, please use the following format for identification requests and confirmations (without any space between the lines for simple absorption into the website):

Date/Time, Place, Altitude, and GPS

Garden, urban, wild, or type habitat

– Plant Habit: Tree, Shrub, Climber, Herb, Height, Length, Type, Shape, and Size of Leaves

– Size/Type of Inflorescence

– Size, Color, Calyx, and Bracts of Flowers

fruit types, shapes, and sizes Seeds – Additional Information, such as Fragrance, Pollinator, and Uses.

Please copy it and save it on your desktop in a Word document so that you may copy and paste it and fill in the information (and any necessary photographs) when you ask for identification. For Id requests, this is required.


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